One Revolution Ahead... Know How?

Event: SPEAKER FOR COATINGS+ at Pheonix, AZ, USA. (Huzaifa Matawala)
Speaker: Huzaifa Matawala
Date: December 15th 2021

AMPP: Association for Materials Protection and Performance
SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings NACE international with focus in paint recycling sustainability, circular Economy and innovation.

The fact that Even, Today About 1/3rd of the consumable food goes into landfills, Millions of tonnes of garments end up burned into the atmosphere, thousands of automobiles are abandoned globally, yet over 811 million people sleep hungry. * Keeps me awake *

So,  Let's solve some problems, create opportunities and try to have an Environment-ally & Socially efficient System.

But, I could not recycle all the paints on the planet. The least, I could do is educate and present solutions.

Hence, Presented the Paper and delivered a speech in Coatings+ 2021 at Pheonix, Arizona on Circular Economy with Paint and Coatings.

Whereby,  It is again about The Paints, about its Chemistries, Technicalities, and SocioEconomics.

As, THE PAINT FOUNDATION and REGENT PAINTS INC, USA we are engineering magnificence.  Creating Machinery, Models, and tools giving Spectacular results. Making our life worthy, children healthy, communities wealthy and the future lovely.