One Revolution Ahead... Know How?


Lets team up for a Better Cause.

After spending over 5 decades in the paint industry, manufacturing paints, paint raw materials and reusing items of varied specifications into batches of imperfections, we are so glad to have made mistakes. Creating items of a specification that meet the requirements of the markets at pricings that make painting surfaces possible in all communities.

Mr. Huzaifa’s work on 13 Recycled product Patents in process with USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) is absolute revolutionary contribution to the global industry. By inventing formulations, creating products and pioneering complex projects to simplicity, Mr. Huzaifa provides unlimited solutions, emerging as a Pathfinder.

To Provide Environmentally sustainable reuse options to generators for their non-salable, non-useable, and waste. To Recycle it back in a circular economy, creating products of use and value for developing communities.

To create a team of Environmentalists to achieve a common goal of 100% sustainability and reuse. Have a zero-waste community. Uplift the communities providing paints and other utilities as Charity.