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How to find us

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10 West street, New York, NY 10004.

Join us

There are no entry fees to join The Paint Foundation.
Everybody with access to background, knowledge, contacts, ability, and desire to serve the community are welcome. Participation in projects of collections of items and funding to accomplish circular solutions. We have prospects of free volunteer enrollments and employment generation in this unique process. Shops and Factories will have opportunities to better their financial and social standing using The Paint Foundation platform.

Idea and Vision

To create a team of Environmentalist to achieve a common goal of 100% sustainability and reuse. Have a zero-waste community. Uplift the communities providing paints and other utilities as Charity.

We open a platform for Paint industry professionals to join the forum and get associated with the social cause of their expertise. Participation with time, knowledge, expertise, guidance, the experience is equally valuable.

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Teaming with TPF would help:

  1. As a networking platform within the industry
  2. Opportunity to contribute towards a circular economy and recycling projects
  3. Certificate of Membership.
  4. Participate in events, shows, educational platforms, meetings and work towards further growth of the Foundation.
  5. Make donations and avail tax benefits.

Team Building

  1. Interns
  2. Volunteers
  3. Paint Stores
  4. Ehs Professionals & Advisory Board
  5. Paint and Paint related Industries


Building a team and welcoming new with ideas and energy directing the students into mainstream business. Students can practically participate in programs to develop awareness and solutions within communities. Creating value for and generating revenue.


Paint Professionals and related personnel interested in developing careers in the Recycling industry can contribute their time and connections to develop and spread solutions.

Volunteers can participate on the platforms in the creation of stores and contractor networks. To create, administer, and coordinate the process, volunteers make revenue with working for Non-profit.

Paint Stores

Paint stores participate as collection points with the communities creating 100% paint circular economy neighborhood.

EHS Professionals and Advisory Board

EHS and safety persons can contribute ideas to the platform of creating a more sustainable society. The Board advisory board also consists of Executive personnel from the industry with inputs and ideas to better the Foundation and guide the direction for expansions.

Paint and Paint related Industries

We have a unique opportunity for paint and paint-related industries to be huge contributing partners by donating paints, paint-related items, and funds to operate and enhance productivity.

Paint manufacturers and Paint Raw-materials manufacturers can join the platform that is designed to cover the Corporate Responsibility factors for the industry. Partnering with The Paint Foundation manufacturers get to attain the social goals through their products being utilized into beneficial reuse.

1st Donation Effect:
The products are received by our Non-Profit under the 501c3 donation from the factories. This action affects the reuse option and sustains the items in the circular economy. The company gets an advantage to save the environmental damage and extraction of resources.
2nd Donation Effect:
To the extent of the donation value, our Non-Profit donates the equivalent amount of paints into the community. This corporate partnership is put to best use under this venture. Donating companies can name such actions of The Paint Foundation into its books as their Social collaboration good work.