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Mr. Huzaifa Matawala

Founder & CEO

Mr. Huzaifa Matawala is a Global leader in Sustainability. Establishing Corporate Responsibility, creating Maximum Sustainability, reducing carbon footprint, optimizing environmental balance by creating platforms of recycling. Huzaifa emerges as a clear solution provider with Recycling all types of paint and paint raw materials. The Paint Foundation is a Non-Profit venture that provides reuse options to generators for their non-salable, non-useable, and waste, recycling it back in the circular economy, creating products of use and value for developing communities.

Huzaifa Matawala has quickly become one of America’s most promising leaders in the paint and coatings industry. Its extensive paint color selection (that encompasses the colors of a rainbow) and its unique bio-friendly program processes that convert and recycle oil-paint into new paint-related products in an environmentally-conscious way, has captured international traction and acclaim among clients worldwide. Huzaifa's innovative approach and effective techniques towards recycling oil-paint have positively impacted its partnering firms, helping prevent pollutants from entering the North American atmosphere, in addition to serving as a central force in expanding business opportunities for its clientele in Dubai, India and North America. To date, Mr. Huzaifa has recycled millions of gallons of paint worldwide through its processes and programs that have proven to make our planet cleaner and greener.

An Industry leader, The Paint Foundation Inc is a specialty paint Recycler and manufacturer. It is also an affiliate of the Matawala Paint Industries (UAE) groups.

Through its establishment of the new recycling paint programs and processes, the firm has successfully collected containers of recaptured unused paints from homes, warehouses, markets, and the industry, and recycled these paints into new products consisting of paints, primers, and stucco among others. Regent Paints Inc. provides top-tier quality paints and paint-related products in an environmentally sound manner to protect the health and well being of its customers and the overall planet.

Regent Paints Inc, The Paint Foundation, Matawala Paint Industries and Matawala Mercantile Private Ltd are overseen by its Owner and President, Huzaifa Matawala. Huzaifa Matawala, himself, has advanced the paint industry far beyond esteemed predecessors by developing his own recycling processes for oil and latex-based paints. His new processes are currently being implemented by some of the most recognized paint manufacturers and recyclers in North America and worldwide.

As Non-Profit Foundation we are now creating solutions Globally with partnerships, with Individuals, Associations, Industries, and Governments.

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Certificate of Ambassador with SIP (UK)