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Collections Programs


The paint collection programs can be classified further into a few subcategories to precision.

County Programs

The issue of waste generation is continuous in nature and requires a consistent program in place. Our volunteers and associates can team with counties and communities to create a collection program and enable the people to gather on the event and collect points for the Foundation. Additional pieces of training, catalogs, education materials, and details on the program will be made available on request with the project.

Store Network

Programs on store-level collection networks can be created by volunteers and associates as a business model. The paint stores usually participate by becoming a collection point of paint. A nominal fee is collected by the paint store from the paint disposing customer that covers the cost of the project. The details in training, logistics, enrolling the retail stores are available on request.

Industrial Factory services

Paint manufacturers and paint Raw materials industries will always require services of recycling to conclude the waste and non-salable inventories. We figure out solutions towards items that include everything that is non-usable. (Items Collected segment have detailed list).

Item Recycled

We work in collaboration with industries creating models and educating to achieve Maximum Sustainability.

It is a pioneering step by The Paint Foundation to find reuse options for a series of items previously treated and disposed of as waste.

It is a prime degree of service to industry on one hand and community on the other by recycling items in circular reuse. When done with a non-profit charity aspect, the goodness multiplies several times.

Our programs of recycling with paint and paint raw material industries cover issues with:

  • Off specs
  • Customer returns
  • Brand changes
  • Industrial waste
  • Solvent waste
  • Washed waters
  • Tank wash
  • Machine wash
  • Incomplete batches
  • Batch Failures
  • Gel Materials
  • Alkyd wash
  • Pigments and additive industry items
  • Latex binders
  • Hi-acid value/color variations
  • Sweep Materials
  • Mistints
  • Expired inventory
  • Takeover or Merger inventory issues
  • Closeouts
  • And all types of non-saleable, non-usable

Circular Program with stores, Double Donations.

Stores collect unused paints and give back new paints in exchange.

The store can invite contractors & individuals to join the program. Paint Stores can collect paints and related items for recycling and send us the details of donors. (Stores can include their inhouse mistints and expired items also). Letters of donations will be mailed to donors by the paint Foundation against the list provided by the store. Stores must collect materials in Cubic yard boxes with unner lining on pallets. Stores must collect materials in Cubic yard boxes with inner lining on pallets.

Stores can collect donations at retail value as under
A recycling/donation fee is collected against collection from contractors and community:
1.5$ per quart
5$ per gallon
12$ per 5 gallon

1st Donation Effect

  • Once a full load of over 20 to 30 boxes is ready, we would arrange pick up at a net wholesale cost share structure.
  • Stores collecting the materials will generate revenue under the program.

2nd Donation Effect

  • Stores have a chance to claim back 100% free paint against donated money. The Paint Foundation will ship new/recycled paints back to the store against the donations received by the community persons against their recycling fee.
  • Such free paints have to be donated free into upliftment and charity projects in the neighborhood.

*The process is never an extraction of selected items from the stream, it is the reuse of those items in its original forms, with its existing properties.

Machinery/ Inventory/ Equipment/ etc...

We undertake projects of liquidations on total turnkey with Paint Industries. Enabling the industry to donate the plant, machinery, equipment, and related items for a better cause to the Foundation. The revenues and equipment of such dealings are utilized to enhance the productivity in recycling and the creation of items for charitable and value causes.


Paints in Bulk (Internationally)

The Model of Paints in Bulk works best for paint traders and importers Globally to step in shoes of manufacturers. The model is also better explained in our Semi-Manufacturing brochures that practically explains the costing structure and business plan. We also offer the creation of brands, assigning collaborations, share cards, tinting machines, bases, colorant programs, and more.

The program is designed to encourage businesses with distribution networks to improve costings, get stronger brand control, and avail marketing/territory independence. Everything backed with our over 5 decades of expertise and total support focused on green economy models and social empowerment.

Paints in Retail packs

Open a Store

In alignment with Franchise models of creating stores that can promote a total sustainable range of products, we could offer the total range of interior/exterior paints with all sheens in 3 tintable bases with over 5000 color range. Pre-tinted ready colors are also available in all sheens on order.

Distribution/ Wholesale/ Online sales

Businesses that are in the distribution of paint-related materials could get in the model of paint distribution and wholesale deals. This works best for businesses with a background in the paint industry. Without having a retail store and overheads of the same, this model still makes it possible to cater to developers, contractors, other paint stores.

We would open the opportunity for online sales to companies to buy products/inventories, list them online, and create sales. We can tailor-make projects, web-pages, and assistance to get in online channels.

OEM and Private label

The concept of creating your own brand and moving ahead independently in the market with your customer network and developing your own goodwill and brand image is now possible by creating your brand. There are a few quantity commitments under this program. It is a great concept for the current chain of stores or traders with higher quantity volumes.

All the above programs are directed from Recycling projects to final resales of recycled products back into markets through the various programs. All ventures serve as a revenue generating options for individuals, companies, and Volunteers. Solving the problem of disposal, making affordable paints, and donations in the process. Enhancing the living standards of the communities & stability to the environment.

Regent Recycled Series - Water-based Paints

Bitumen Emulsions

Interior / Exterior Latex Paints and Primer

Flat Emulsions

Stucco Putties

Texture Coatings

Weather Guards

Regent Recycled Series - Solvent-based Paints

Alkyd Putties

Alkyd Stains

Alkyd/ Synthetic Enamels

Bitumen Primers

Industrial Coatings

Red/Grey Oxide Primers