One Revolution Ahead... Know How?

For the first time in the History of the Paint Industry The Paint Foundation, A US-based 501c3 Non-Profit, offers an opportunity to donate 1,000,000 (One Million) liters of Paint to Charity.

* Virgin Flat White Paint Donation Campaign *

* '53 cents' per liter in 1000 liters bulk IBC totes *

You donate 53 Cents, THE PAINT FOUNDATION donates Paint of market value of 8$ to Beneficiary/Receiver. (A proportion of Recycling fees from Paint and Paint Raw-material industries are utilized to support the costings.)

Donors get the Certificate of Corporate Responsibility along with Individual Certificates of Honor and Excellence towards the act of Sustainability.

The record of shipment utilizing BLs, Pictures, and details of the receiver could be provided to donor Individuals and Corporations.

Such Donations become a part of your Corporate Responsibility charter

All shipping costs at actuals.

Product can also be filled in 5usg and 1usg packs with additional packing costs

Global Shipping

How the Donation cycle work?

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