One Revolution Ahead... Know How?

Date: November 2021

Gold vs Real Estate vs Oil
Entire financial world Vs Your Business.

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Let us 'educate' ourselves on money. Characteristics of this new Fiatcurrency are different. invest in yourself. How despite stimulus and all benefits the Gap has increase? What is a financialbubble How do we protect ourselves from the fiscal atrocities in life?

You can click the link below and hear the Podcast. It is good 40 minutes of practical financial education. As how the Macro economy strategies effect us. Some relevant statistics, history & basics, that are missing in our text books.

Why do you want to save the money when it is being printed on the other end from thin Air? Buying revenue-creating assets('businesses') or value commodities('gold') could keep you afloat, fighting the inflationary Pandemic. Some simple helpful Basics.

Some facts that effect us...

  • In 1947, 1 inr was equal to 1 usd.
  • We have printed more Currency in last 5 years, than we have in last 5000 years.
  • Inflation is the invisibletax
  • Without correct education no matter how much money is pumped to hands of poor, it will be pulled by magnets.
  • US is the largestdebtor and Buyer of goods.
  • USD the globalcurrency and reservecurrency
  • Who has to pay the Nationaldebt?