One Revolution Ahead... Know How?

Event: Coatings Tech 2021 Conference
Speaker : Huzaifa Matawala
Event with: American Coatings Association
Date: June 29, 2021

Coatings Tech 2021 Conference

Achieving Health, Safety and Environmental Regulatory and Sustainability Objectives Through Lifecycle Assessment and Waste Minimization:
The goal of maximum sustainability is attainable within the paint industry. Regent Paints is exploring solutions with paint and paint raw material plant waste for reusability, bifurcating products based on solvents, resins, and compatibility, and is creating over 53 paint products from streams that were previously going into waste. This presentation will focus on how the hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams could be collected, stored, categorized, and utilized. Diverting paints and its streams of waste away from land burials and fuel-blending into usable recycled paint products.

About the speaker, Huzaifa Matawala:
Huzaifa Matawala is a third Generation Paint Manufacturer and a modern-day Entrepreneur. With a business presence in India, Uae, Africa, and the USA, Huzaifa is able to influence several environmental projects Globally.

Scholarly articles by him, and articles featuring him and his work, are published in Europe, Canada, the US, Australia, India, and Africa in different prestigious journals and magazines. He has Chaired and spoken on several Global platforms.

He is a founder of a Non-Profit Foundation in the US that handles several Environmental and Philanthropical projects. His Patents in process with USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) with revolutionary formulations & Processes has influenced several millions of gallons of paint and related waste from landfills.

Setting an example of Social and Corporate Responsibility with and emerging as a Global entrepreneur with Paint conglomerate with Mr. Huzaifa emerges as an interpreter with Economics, Science, and History helping to create Sustainable Models.

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